Direct Express Customer Service Phone Number of USDirectExpress

The Direct Express Debit MasterCard is delivered by Comerica Bank in agreement through a MasterCard Global Inc. license. Comerica Bank aids as a financial agent of the US Treasury Division.

Direct Express card is a prepaid debit card of USDirectExpress which is used for electronic transfer of social security profits. No sign-up fees are necessary. Cardholders do not have to cover once-a-month account fees also. Any credit lines are not delivered.

The Direct Express card could be used to transfer money to a bank account, make acquisitions, pay for gas, as well as buy cash orders. Cardholders could not deposit private money to the express card.

The US Direct Express card is a Debit Master Card service which is offered to persons who would like to get a grasp of their societal safety measures as well as complimentary sanctuary Profits plunders in an electronic method. US Direct Express card is prepaid card planned in a tactic to bestow the central benefits in a convenient plus sheltered mode.

The USDirectExpress card is awarded the help of Comerica Bank as said by authorizing by means of Master card worldwide incorporated. USDirectExpress card service is extensively accepted plus adapted mainly crossways the numerous regions of the United States of America as well as its related regions.


US Direct Express Customer Service Phone Number

Here is the Direct Express Customer service info. You can contact USDirectExpress by calling the Direct Express phone number below:

  • Card Enrollment Center for sign up Direct Express card: 1-800-333-1795


For all other questions about the Direct Express card, express cardholders could call:

  • Customer Service direct express phone number: 1-888-741-1115 (Toll-Free)
  • International direct express phone number: 1-765-778-6290 (Collect)
  • Hearing impaired direct express phone number: 1-866-569-0447

The Direct Express Debit MasterCard is the method to acquire Federal Benefits that is conveyed through Comerica Bank underneath the certified through MasterCard Worldwide Incorporated. The online access is furthermore delivered to check card balance, view account action, transfer reserves, and use different additional service.

It offers 24 hours Client Service Division to aid the clienteles regarding, lost otherwise stolen cards, PIN changes, Contract history desires, Balance queries and more. Its debit card is furthermore used for paying online bills as well as buying money orders at the United State Post Office.

The cardholders could also withdraw money from diverse retail locations, banks plus credit unions, and ATMs crossways the world through using Direct Express card. It offers secure style to get Social Security otherwise Supplemental Security Revenue benefits straight on its Direct Express Card. The clienteles can obtain their Direct Express card in the mail as well as activate this by contacting direct express customer Service Team.



USDirectExpress Online Contact

You can furthermore set up direct deposit on your bank otherwise credit union, or you could sign up on the SSA’s website otherwise by calling the SSA at 800-772-1213. You could also make variations to your straight deposit on the SSA’s website otherwise by phone.


If you have not already applied for infirmity benefits, while you do apply, make certain you bring a bank statement unless checkbook through you as well as let the SSA representative distinguish that you would like to sign up for straight deposit.