Direct Express Customer Service Live Person

The Direct Express Card is issued by Comerica Bank above a contract with the United States Division of Funds to be used to get federal services payments similar Social Security as well as Veterans Affairs profit payments. If you have USDirectExpress account as well as would like to extend a live direct express customer service person, you can do. Here is how:


Direct Express Customer Service Live Person of USDirectExpress


Direct Express Phone Number of USDirectExpress:

The paramount direct express phone number toward call Direct Express customer service is 888-741-1115. Otherwise, you could furthermore look at the rear of your card for the maximum up-to-date customer support phone number as well as directives. You could call them for the below services:


– Reporting lost otherwise stolen cards – Balance queries – PIN change – Transaction history request – Registering a complaint around a card issue – Queries about card use – Queries about international card use.


Support Hours of Direct Express Customer Service:

USDirectExpress customer service representative is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you are calling to register in Direct Express, at that time you have to call this number – 1-800-333-1795 (they are accessible from 7:00 AM CST toward 7:00 PM CST Monday-Friday).



Instruction of Direct Express Custom Service:

Call the toll free direct express phone number (888-741-1115) then choice option three directly when the auto attendant derives on. You would be then directed to chat to a live person. Note that hold times could be long, through several clienteles reporting a 30 minute otherwise more wait time beforehand they can talk to a human.

There are six methods for you to reach human Direct Express customer service at our site, which comprises Direct Express Direct Express support email, Direct Express customer service phone numbers, Direct Express support website page (www USDirectExpress com), and Direct Express Twitter page, Direct Express Facebook page.

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