Social Security Direct Deposit Requirement

If you apply for Social Security otherwise Supplemental Security Income aids, a novel law went into effect March 1, 2013, needing that you get your payment electronically. If you did not sign up for electronic payment while you applied for aids, we sturdily urge you to do it currently.

If you still obtain checks, the U.S. Division of the Treasury will contact you around complying with the requirement. For more info regarding moving to an electronic payment, visit Treasury’s Go Direct website or call the helpline at 1-800-333-1795.

It is safe, quick plus convenient.


Treasury could grant exceptions in exceptional circumstances. For more info or to request a waiver, call Reserves at 855-290-1545.  You might also print plus fill out a waiver form as well as return it to the address on the form.

If you by now are receiving profits, you can generate my Social Security account as well as start or alter Direct Deposit online. You furthermore can sign up at your bank, credit union, otherwise savings plus loan.


Requirement of Social Security Direct Deposit

At the finish of September, further than 94 percent of Social Security receivers and 83 percentage of those getting disability as well as other additional payments were by now getting them automatically. However, with 61.9 million total recipients, that still leaves several million persons who must change from paper toward electronic expenses above the next numerous months.

If you by now have a bank account, your financial Institute could work with you to set up direct deposit. You furthermore could work through Social Security in three methods: by visiting a local Social Security office as well as sending a direct deposit sign-up form (You can download the sign-up Form of Direct Express Deposit by

by visiting a local Social Security office as well as sending a direct deposit sign-up form (You can download the sign-up Form of Direct Express Deposit by clicking Here),

call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213, otherwise using the organization’s online tools toward sign up for direct express deposit.

If you do not by now have an online password through the agency, you would require to set one up. It would then be used to entree all of your modified Social Security info.


Ways for Direct Express Deposit sign up:

1. You can call your bank/credit union or visit it to enroll in the direct express deposit.

2. You can enroll in the direct express deposit by contacting 1-800-333-1795 of the U.S. Department of Treasury.

3. You can visit the local Social Security office or you can call them for help. Click here to find your local Social Security office.



There are three favored ways to obtain electronic deposits:

  1. To a recognized account at a federally protected financial institute, to the U.S. Coffers Direct Express card, otherwise to a fee-based electronic transfer account (ETA) on a bank. ETAs are federally protected as well as were shaped for persons who do not have otherwise do not qualify for a bank version.
  2. Social Security payments are safe from third-party garnishment through the greatest standard exclusions being for kid support as well as alimony payment. These privileges have remained underneath direct deposit.
  3. Several recipient payments go straight to third parties, for example, aided living amenities. Regarding prices, easiness of use, and customer safeguards, it is almost continually desirable to use a federally protected banking business that receives direct deposits.

There are a lesser amount of exceptions to the direct-deposit necessities. The main limitation is connected to age: Anybody born previous to May 1, 1921, might continue to get paper checks. Clark highlights that these guidelines are set as well as overseen by the U.S. Treasury Division, not Social Security.