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The Direct Express MasterCard offers an option for persons receiving federal benefits who do not have a bank account, as well as are in search of a no- otherwise low-cost substitute to get the money without using check cashing amenities or carrying money. To sign up for the Direct Express Card, call the registration center toll free at the direct express phone number of 800-333-1795, otherwise visit www USDirectExpress com.


If you have queries about your direct express card, do not communicate the Treasury Department. We do not retain or have access to info about your express card.

As through any other direct express debit card, using it will not always be free. Usually, customers will get one free ATM extraction per month. Afterward that, they will be charged 90 cents for each are taking out. A fee of 75 cents once a month also applies if express card holder’s desire paper statement mailed to them.

Anybody receiving federal aids can sign up for a Direct Express card. If you by now have a bank account, think around when the USDirectExpress card is the finest choice for you. You furthermore have the alternative of sign up for direct deposit. You could sign up for direct deposit otherwise the Direct Express card by calling the direct express phone number at 1-800-333-1795 or online at www USDirectExpress com.


Once you have your direct express login, you could review your transaction history online at no price to you. If you perceive any transactions you do not identify or accredited; you should refer to the help guide on our website (click this button) and instantly call direct express customer service at 1-888-741-1115 as well as file a complaint about an inquiry. The sooner you call them, the improved your probabilities of getting your express card cash back.